Your Website Sucks (here's how to fix it)

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Why do visitors come to your site, only to leave without buying?

(Or signing up, or booking a call, or doing the thing you want them to do?)

It's hard to say. You can't stop them and ask.

And if you could, you wouldn't get a single, consistent response. People leave for all sorts of reasons.

You can't know why every single anonymous visitor leaves.

But you can rule out the most likely causes

And this book is designed to help you do exactly that.

Are they confused by your navigation? Chapter 10 will help you diagnose and fix it.

Not enough detail to make a decision? Find out in Chapter 21.

In total you'll check your site for 30 of the most common issues that stop people from taking action. Where you find a problem, you'll fix it. When you fix these problems, you eliminate the frustration and confusion that stop people from buying.

What this book is not:

It's not a web development handbook. It doesn't assume that you have, or want, deep technical expertise in building or maintaining websites.

It's not a behavioral psychology textbook. Understanding how brains work is central to building a website that people will buy from. Plus it's fascinating. But this book keeps it simple, focusing on obvious, uncontroversial observations about basic emotions that people feel while using the internet.

It's not a guide for perfectionists. There's always another pixel to tweak, another headline to rewrite. This book is not about keeping busy, or obsessing over your site. It's about finding and fixing the biggest issues, so you can move on with life.

Nice and light, very well written, and very approachable. Love the hand illustrations too.

I will finish it tomorrow and take its pointers to heart: I am rewriting my own website ad I have several of the issues you highlighted.

--Fraser Gorrie, NoCode Strategist

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Your Website Sucks (here's how to fix it)

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